It’s Sho-Time! This app will notify you when the star two-way player at bat. You don’t miss him at bat.
It’s Sho-Time! あの二刀流選手の打順をお知らせします。その打席は絶対見逃さない!
“SHO-TIME!” will notify you in real time of the batting order of the star two-way player.
Even if you're busy, you can receive notifications so you don't miss any of his at-bats on TV or the Internet (e.g. MLB.TV). Note, this app does not have the function to watch the games.

"SHO-TIME!" notifies your iPhone of three types of information.
-Next At Bat:Notify you when the next batter.
-At Bat Results:Notify you of results at bat.
-Topics:Notify you of topics of particular interest.
Each notification can be turned on or off in the settings screen.
In addition, "SHO-TIME!" displays the team's game schedule.
Disclaimer: This app is an unofficial application that can be used free of charge. We will not be held responsible for any trouble, loss, or damage caused by the information provided by this app.


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